Welcome to Ear Training and Improv

Welcome! Here parents and private piano teachers will find tips and tools for teaching kids how to truly understand and create music. With the resources here, kids are quickly able to create beautiful music, giving them a huge confidence boost and enriching the lives of everyone around them.

How to use this site

Step 1

Request the free Quickstart Piano Improv Lesson. It’s so fun and easy to learn that even my 5 year old students start jamming at their very first lesson! Access this free lesson through the white box above.

Step 2

Check out the beginner ear training activities. Ear training is an essential skill for everyone who wants to write music.

Step 3

Utilize the other resources to continually improve your child’s musical ability. This site has free materials for teaching piano improv, music composition, piano scales, music theory, and much more. Frequently look at the blog to see what’s new.

Be sure to check out these free printables: music theory worksheets, treble clef worksheets, bass clef worksheets

Ear Training and Improv Starter Kit

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